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Our Mission

Here at, our mission is to provide a low cost web hosting service for personal web sites and small businesses. We aim to save you money, but not at the cost of reliability or security.

We believe that in the information age we are in, a web site is something that should be accessible to anybody.

Our Infrastructure

We take pride in our equipment and network. We use only enterprise grade equipment hosted in quality facilities with blended network connections. We don't skimp on the things most budget providers do. We don't use desktop hardware, and all of our servers use RAID with enterprise grade hard drives.

We use only the most stable and secure software, including CentOS Linux and cPanel. Our server administrators are committed to keeping our servers and your sites running smoothly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also use Cloud-Linux on all of our servers. This allows us to maintain a stable platform by singling out users who may be hogging resources or otherwise abusing the system. By identifying and shutting down these users, we are able to keep everything running smoothly for our non-abusive customers.

Our Team

The staff here at is dedicated to providing the best web hosting experience possible, and at the lowest price around! Our support team is well trained with both technical expertise and customer service.

We are server administrators and tech support experts, and we all genuinely care about and its clients.

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